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Autim can provide our clients with customized solutions for a vast array of industry applications.


Autim has mechanical, electrical, and software development expertise as well as established relationships with some of the best component manufacturers in the machine vision industry. We can provide innovative and comprehensive solutions for application across all industries.

System Integration
System integration comes naturally to us and it allows us to provide our clients with the customized solution that best fits their needs. We focus on providing practical, reliable solutions that address complex customer problems. Autim can be relied upon to get your system in place quickly, and to provide a long-term customer service relationship you can count on for support.

Autim has an experienced team of engineers, programmers and most importantly critical thinkers who can put the full benefit of decades of experience in the machine vision industry into each project.

Since our inception we have provided customized solutions for a variety of industries and government agencies. They include consumer products, industrial equipment, medical devices and large scale consumer services industries.


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