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The manner in which outside information is brought into an analysis system.

A set of well-defined rules or procedures for solving a problem in a finite number of steps.

Application-Specific Machine Vision (ASMV)
A turnkey system that addresses a single specific application that one can find widely throughout industry or within an industry.

Charged-Coupled Device (CCD)
Technology for making semiconductor devices (including image sensors).

Charge-Injection Device (CID)
Specific fabrication scheme for solid-state image sensors. The photo-generated charge is sensed by injecting it from the sensor into the substrate.

A process whereby two image segments are compared to determine their similarity or to find the position at which optimal similarity exists.

The in-focus range of an imaging system. Measured from the distance behind an object to the distance in front of the object with all objects appearing in focus.

Digital Imaging
Conversion of a video picture into pixels by means of an A/D converter where the level of each pixel can be stored in a computer.

Edge Enhancement
Image processing method to strengthen high-spatial frequencies in the image.

Frame Grabber
A device interfaced with a camera storing in memory, on command, sampled video converted to digital signals.

Gaging (or Gauging)
In machine vision, non-contact dimensional examination of an object.

General-Purpose Vision System (GPMV)
A vision system that can be configured or adapted to many different applications.

Gray Scale
Variations of values from white, through shades of gray, to black in a digitized image with black assigned the value of zero and white the value of one.

Deriving properties in an image to describe a position at various points in time.

The process of specifically identifying an object from a large class of objects through reading symbols.

IEEE 1394
The IEEE 1394 standard is a digital interface that will integrate the worlds of consumer electronics and personal computers by defining a backplane physical layer and a point-to-point cable-connected virtual bus implementation.

Image Analysis
Process of generating a set of descriptors or features on which a decision about objects in an image is based.

Image Processing
Transformation of an input image into an output image with desired properties.

Non-destructive examination of a workpiece to verify conformance to some criteria.

Machine Vision
The automatic acquisition and analysis of images to obtain desired data for controlling a specific activity.

Machine Vision System
A system capable of acquiring one or more images using an optical non-contact sensing device capable of processing, analyzing and measuring various characteristics so decisions can be made.

Verification that a workpiece conforms to specified tolerances, such as dimensions, colors or textures.

Mathematics of shape analysis. An algebra whose variables and shapes and whose operations transform those shapes.

Acronyms for optical character recognition (OCR) and optical character verification (OCV).

Pattern Recognition
Classification of images into predetermined categories, usually using statistical methods.

Acronym for picture element. The individual elements in a digitized image array.

Structured Light
Any technique projecting a light pattern at a known angle to a scene.

Systems Integrator
A company that provides a turnkey machine vision system, adapting the vision system to a specific customer's requirements.

Activity providing qualitative assurance that a fabrication or assembly process was successfully completed.


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