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Legacy Products

The PC-Visionplus is a analog image acquisition board for various cameras, including broadcast standard timing, progressive scan and nonstandard timing and two monochrome cameras

The Viper-Quad is a single-slot PCI image acquisition board able to perform simultaneous image acquisition from up to four high-speed monochrome cameras

The Viper-RGB is a single-slot, high-quality video acquisition and processing board for the PCI bus

PC-Vision is a half-slot PCI-bus image capture board ideal for price sensitive applications and capable of handling inputs from a wide variety of industrial inspection, identification, and gauging applications.

PC-RGB is a high performance, low-cost PCI-bus image capture board providing fast color or monochrome video data transfer to the host computer memory. PC-RGB delivers high performance image capture, 4MB of onboard memory, unique onboard circuitry for precise interrupt control, OPTO-22 compatible digital I/O for controlling external events, and support for a wide range of cameras.

The PC-COMP image capture card provides expeditious transfers of standard color and monochrome video data to host PC memory. Image data, equipped with 1MB of high-speed dual ported linear mapped video memory running at 60MB/sec, is simultaneously acquired and sent to host PC memory.

IC-ASYNC embodies breakthrough technology that, for the first time, integrates four independent, asynchronous frame grabbers on one full size PCI-bus card. The IC-ASYNC, with the ability to acquire up to four camera channels asynchronously, is capable of handling high-speed applications that traditionally could only be performed by expensive and complicated vision processors.



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