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In constant pursuit of the optimal lighting and lens conditions, Moritex is now offering a new kind of LED lighting. Moritex's new "MG Wave" LED lighting includes a range of unique technical features

Specified colours of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are arranged in a high density package to provide long-life, compact, light-weight and efficient lighting for image inspection and processing.

Moritex Lighting Products



All of the LED heads provide high intensity light output, excellent stability, low profile, and long life time (100,000 hour projected life time ). Each LED head can be operated by state-of-the-art Metaphase pulsed or DC power supplies.

LED Diffuse Dome Light
Intense uniform diffuse light for inspecting objects with highly reflective, specular surfaces

LED Back Light
+/-5% uniformity and high intensity for backlighting applications

LED Near Axis Ring Light
High intensity lighting and close to axis lighting
LED Off-Axis Ring Light (Darkfield)
Near horizontal plane of light useful for highlighting surface defects, illuminating specular surfaces and sidelighting prominent target features
LED Dual Off-Axis Ring Light
Performs the same function as the off-axis ring light, with the addition of one ring of LED at a larger incident angle to allow flexibility in target illumination and highlight different target features

LED High Angle Dark Field Light
Darkfield light provides high contrast lighting for detecting stress, defects, finger prints, edges, dust and bubbles in transparent materials

LED Front Light
High intensity direction illumination

LED Diffuse Axial Light
Diffuse on-axial illumination for inspecting specular objects

Programmable Multi-Directional Concentric
LED Ring Lights with selectable segments

Programmable multi-directional lighting to customize the lighting distribution or to inspect various features of a target in a single set-up

LED Line Light
Uniform, intense line of light for use with line-scan and TDI cameras


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