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MDCRL-1-R: Programmable Multi-Directional Concentric LED Ring Lights with selectable segments

Depression Angle Range: 10-70 degrees

This Multi-Directional Concentric Ring Light permits the user to customize the lighting distribution or to inspect various features of a target in a single setup.

The light employs over 300 red (660nm) LEDs. The LED array is divided into forty-eight segments, each of which can be independently selected on or off to create the optimal lighting effect.

This "intelligent" lighting device consists of five separate concentric rings of LEDs. Each LED ring direct light at a unique depression angle, ranging from 70 to 10 degrees below horizontal, and in 30 degree increments in azimach.
The user can select diffent lighting configurations using RS232 interface. The LED array is contained in a 10" dia. housing with a 3" dia. opening in the cneter to allow insertion of a large lens or camera.



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