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X64-AN Quad


The X64-AN Quad is a high-performance PCI-X bus compatible frame grabber. Driven by the need to integrate vision automation with multiple view inspection, the X64-AN Quad is designed to deliver concurrent image acquisition from multiple independent standard and progressive scan analog cameras. The X64-AN Quad is capable of grabbing from four independent cameras at the same time, and offers independent control signals for each input channel to acquire, transfer and track images accurately. Supporting high-resolution 8-bit image digitization, the X64-AN Quad offers independent image paths creating virtually four frame grabbers in one slot. The X64-AN Quad has been engineered within DALSA's exacting Trigger-to-Image Reliability technology framework to more reliably and efficiently control and monitor the entire image acquisition sequence.



Concurrent acquisition from up to four independent format cameras
High-speed image transfers at up to 528MB/s
PCI-X 66MHz compatible
Image time stamp for accurate object tracking of each input channel
Supports Windows¨∆ XP and 2000




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