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X64-Cl Dual


With the ability to acquire images from two unsynchronized Base Camera Link’Ѣ compatible cameras simultaneously and to transfer images at a rate of up to 528MB/s, the X64-CL Dual is one of the fastest and most flexible 64-bit image acquisition boards on the market. Universal PCI slot compliant (32/64-bit 33/66MHz 3.3/5v), the X64-CL Dual supports multiple tap area scan and linescan monochrome and RGB cameras. This ability to support two cameras with different tap configurations simultaneously makes the X64-CL Dual a highly flexible solution to a variety of computer imaging applications. The X64-CL Dual has been engineered within DALSA's exacting Trigger-to-Image Reliability technology framework to more reliably and efficiently control and monitor the entire image acquisition sequence.



Simultaneous acquisition from two Camera Link’Ѣ Base cameras
Flexible mix mode features simultaneous acquisition from area and line scan, monochrome and RGB digital cameras
Rapid image acquisition rates up to 255 MB/s per input channel (510 MB/s total) and image transfer to host memory at 528MB/s
Up to 2GB local frame buffer memory
Supports Camera Link operations up to 85MHz (66MHz standard)




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