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X64-Cl Express


The X64-CL Express is a Camera Link frame grabber that is based on the PCI Express x1 interface next generation bus interface technology for the host PCs. PCI-Express is a serial digital interface technology that is specifically designed to offer dedicated bandwidth to each plug-in device while reducing the PCB design complexity. The X64-CL Express supports up to two independent Base or one Medium Camera LinkѢ color and/or monochrome cameras. Its low cost, combined with its ability to reformat input data from multi-tap area and linescan cameras in addition to its onboard FPGA based processing (including Bayer decoding and real-time shading correction) makes the X64-CL Express an ideal solution to a wide variety of cost-sensitive applications where flexibility, performance and reliability cannot be compromised.



Half-length PCI Express x1 Board
Supports Windows 64-bit OS
Simultaneous acquisition from two Camera Link Base cameras
FPGA based processing including Bayer decoding and shading correction
Supports field proven Trigger-to-Image Reliability framework
Acquisition pixel clock rates up to 85MHz
Low-Cost/High Performance




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